Forward Focus Speeds Relationship & Divorce Recovery

Forward Focus Speeds Relationship & Divorce Recovery

Recovering from the breakup of a long-term relationship or a divorce can feel like you're endlessly … [Read more...]

Your Relationship With Food Affects Your Holidays

Your relationship with food affects your holidays.

We've discussed your relationship with yourself and we've discussed your relationships with … [Read more...]

5 Positive Ways for Dealing with Emotions Related to Loss


Life can hand us many different types of loss ranging from job loss to the loss of a loved one or … [Read more...]

Did You Know “Talk” Therapy Might Not Work For Everyone?

talk therapy doesn't work for everyone

I'm a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Professional Coach so "talk" therapy … [Read more...]

Finding The Right Wellness or Recovery Coach

Finding the right wellness or recovery coach

You've been struggling for a while, not clinically depressed, but not happy either.  You would love … [Read more...]

Wellness Coaching can Help You Find the Mute Button

Merits of Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching can Help Mute Modern Day "Noise" Modern life is disjointed, fast-paced, … [Read more...]

Coaching Services


In all of my coaching services options, we'll have powerful conversations that help you identify … [Read more...]

Wellness & Divorce/Relationship Recovery Life Coaching

Backyard 1

Wellness & Divorce/Relationship Recovery Life Coaching, in general, is a challenging and … [Read more...]


Sagebrush Coaching Wellness & Divorce/Relationship Recovery Services & Self Help Books

Welcome to Sagebrush Coaching. I'm glad you decided to stop by.  It's my sincere wish that this … [Read more...]