The Road to Self-Empowerment Takes Guts

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I re-established the depth of my "guts" and my strong sense of self-empowerment on July 11th while … [Read more...]

5 Steps For Expanding Your Feelings of Self-Empowerment

5 steps to expanding self empowerment

Would you like to feel more in CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE? Would you like to increase YOUR PERSONAL … [Read more...]

What Does Being Self-Empowered Really Mean?

you are most influential quote

    Being self-empowered is the way to go...everybody says so.  Okay, but what does … [Read more...]

3 Empowering Ways To Deal With Adversity

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  As my wise mother used to say, "everything negative that happens to you builds character". … [Read more...]

Sharing Your Story Is Empowering

Share Your Story Quote

We all have a past.  We all have a story to tell.  We may not be especially proud of every line or … [Read more...]

Empowerment Through Running

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I saw a great poster quote on Twitter this morning that inspired me to write this short piece...I … [Read more...]

Making a Tough Decision? Clarifying Your Values Can Help

decision making

We all face multiple decision making opportunities on a daily basis, some small, and some that have … [Read more...]

Your Mind is a Garden: Grow Empowering Thoughts

Grow Empowering Thoughts

Spring is a time of renewal and new growth.  Think of your mind as a garden.  Think of your … [Read more...]

Divorce Recovery: What Do You Need To Let Go?

Divorce Recovery: What Do You Need To Let Go

It is impossible to move on to a healthy and happy life if we do not let go of issues stemming from … [Read more...]

Emotional Intelligence: Important in Empowerment & Recovery

Emotional Intelligence

There are many types of intelligence, not just being "book-smart".  Daniel Goleman, in his book … [Read more...]