Empowering the Future By Reframing the Past

Change the Future by Reframing the past

In order to empower ourselves to live a life full of wonderful possibilities, joy, and contentment, … [Read more...]

12 Self-Empowerment Quotes

self-empowerment quotes

Self-empowerment quotes can give us a motivational boost even when we are already feeling positive, … [Read more...]

The Road to Self-Empowerment Takes Guts

Spearfish half 2015 2

I re-established the depth of my "guts" and my strong sense of self-empowerment on July 11th while … [Read more...]

Sharing Your Story Is Empowering

Share Your Story Quote

We all have a past.  We all have a story to tell.  We may not be especially proud of every line or … [Read more...]

Your Mind is a Garden: Grow Empowering Thoughts

Grow Empowering Thoughts

Spring is a time of renewal and new growth.  Think of your mind as a garden.  Think of your … [Read more...]

An Empowering Poem: The Girl I Was and Am

empowered: recovery after divorce

The following poem was written by my youngest daughter, inspired by the struggles she went through … [Read more...]