Divorce Recovery: Cleaning Out Your “Inner Closet”

Divorce Recovery How to clean out your inner closet

A healthy recovery from Divorce includes cleaning out your physical closets and splitting up assets; … [Read more...]

Book Resource: Divorce Recovery: How To Clean Out Your “Inner Closet”

Self Help Book: Divorce Recovery: How To Clean Out Your "Inner Closet" by Stephanie Eissinger

I'm very pleased to announce that my Divorce Recovery book is available for sale on Amazon.com. … [Read more...]

The Divorce Conversation, Part 3: A New Relationship with Yourself

The Divorce Conversation, part 3: A new relationship with yourself

Okay, you've had the "Divorce Conversation" with your kids, your kids' other parent, and your … [Read more...]

Discovering a Potent Weapon in Your Battle with Divorce Grief

A mantra is not just for those who practice yoga and meditation. It can also be also be a … [Read more...]

Divorce Recovery: How to Obtain an “Emotional Divorce” Transcript


DIVORCE RECOVERY: How to Obtain an “Emotional Divorce” Hello, EVERYONE! My name is Stephanie … [Read more...]

How Well You Recover From Divorce Depends On You


Recovering from a Divorce is a matter of choice...you can choose to face the situation with … [Read more...]

There’s a Reason Some People Don’t Make It Into Your Future: Divorce Recovery


Sometimes we waste too much time and energy stressing out about people in our pasts.  If they were … [Read more...]

Divorce Recovery is an Opportunity

my wounded crabapple tree

Divorce can be a traumatic process but it can also be an opportunity to make wonderful changes in … [Read more...]

Divorce Recovery Workshop Audio for Attorneys


  The following audio is for Attorneys who have clients that would benefit from a Divorce … [Read more...]

Divorce Recovery Webinar


Here is the Divorce Recovery:  How to Obtain an "Emotional Divorce" Webinar.  Although you cannot … [Read more...]