Self Determination: Stepping on the Gas

Self Determination

Too many times I have found myself lacking self determination, coasting through life with my foot … [Read more...]

Rituals Help Divorce Recovery

Rituals can provide the ending needed to start a new beginning.

A ritual or ceremony can help bring closure to a relationship that is over and be instrumental in … [Read more...]

Divorce Recovery is an Opportunity

my wounded crabapple tree

Divorce can be a traumatic process but it can also be an opportunity to make wonderful changes in … [Read more...]

Mending a Broken Heart: 3 Key Strategies

Mending a Broken Heart

Enjoy the video....the scheduling link can be found below. Click Here to schedule Your Free … [Read more...]

Divorce Recovery: What Do You Need To Let Go?

Divorce Recovery: What Do You Need To Let Go

It is impossible to move on to a healthy and happy life if we do not let go of issues stemming from … [Read more...]

Parenting as Life Coaching: A Personal Example, Part 1

Empowerment: Parenting As Life Coaching

When I was considering the content for this article¬†it struck me that my longest running coaching … [Read more...]

Divorce Affects on Your Health

affects of divorce

Here is a link to a short article that discusses some of the ways that a divorce can affect your … [Read more...]

Divorce Recovery


Divorce can be the defining negative experience in one's life, but it doesn't have to be. Divorce … [Read more...]

Self Empowerment


Enhancing feelings of self-empowerment go hand-in-hand with creating the prosperous and happy life … [Read more...]

Bereavement / Loss


Suffering from loss is an inherit part of¬†living...and, no matter what the nature of the loss might … [Read more...]