About Me

Stephanie Eissinger, LCPC, CPC

Hello and welcome to Sagebrush Coaching. I’m glad you decided to visit!

I love Coaching because it focuses on helping clients let go of the past and move from the present towards a more successful future, a future that they determine for themselves. Coaching isn’t limited by labels and it concentrates on what’s important to the client and their definition of success.

Sagebrush Coaching was born when I came to the realization that my current career as a Clinical Supervisor and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor for a vast geographical area was having a detrimental effect on my well-being and my marriage.  I decided to explore other existing options but none of them were a good “fit” for me at this point in my life.  So…I decided to start thinking “outside the box” and to create my own opportunity.  Step by step, I took the necessary actions to make my vision happen, including getting credentialed as a Certified Professional Coach, and haven’t regretted it for a single moment.  I’m filled with a deep satisfaction each time I’m able to help someone else move forward in their journey to a healthier, happier, more successful life.

My formal training and qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education, licensure as a Clinical Professional Counselor, and coursework and certification as a Professional Coach from Fowler International Academy.  I’m also a member of iCOACH International.org, an organization for professional life coaches.

I have a particular interest in Recovery Coaching (Divorce Recovery, Bereavement/Loss, Disordered Eating & Body Image, etc.) and Women’s Empowerment.  These interests come from my experiences, both personal and professional. I’ve been through divorce, twice; struggled with disordered eating, body image issues, and Anorexia Athletica; have had many major losses to navigate; and have spent a lifetime engaging in actions that empowered me to get to where I am today…I have an adoring husband, three great kids (two daughters and a stepson), and a career I absolutely love.

I’m also a Self Help book author.  I love that I’m able to satisfy my creative side, my love for writing, and fulfill my life’s purpose of empowering others, all at the same time.

My Approach

You’ll find that as a coach, I’m empowering, motivating, supportive and an excellent listener.  My focus  is working with motivated individuals who want to significantly change their lives.

I would be honored to share in and guide your journey to your envisioned future.

Want to learn more?

I’m offering a free introductory coaching consultation where you can learn more about my approach to the coaching process and the services I offer. It’ll give you a chance to determine if Coaching is a good “fit” for you!


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