5 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True

We all have dreams, some clearly envisioned right down to the smallest detail while others remain floating around shapeless and nameless in the back recesses of our minds.  Until we give them color and substance, dreams remain elusive and unrealized.  They can become a source of discontent and restlessness that we haven’t identified, leading us to engage in unproductive, and sometimes, self-destructive actions to alleviate these uncomfortable emotions. Overtime, our malcontent may cause a break-down in our relationships, our motivation, and our healthy day-to-day functioning.  Many of us are stuck in a quagmire of malaise, not doing anything to make our dreams come true.

5 steps to make your dreams come true

What are you doing to make your dreams come true?

If you’re suffering from an overall feeling of dissatisfaction with your life, there are 5 steps to making your dreams come true.  The first step is to clarify what your dreams are.  You may have childhood dreams that need to be “updated.”  Your parents may have or have had certain dreams for you.  Your significant other may have dreams for you as a couple.  Your boss may have plans for your future involvement in their company.  But, what are your dreams?  What are you passionate about?  What do you want your future to look like?  What dream has gotten pushed to the back burner while you’ve been busy fulfilling obligations, doing what’s expected, or just getting through each day?  Spend some time mulling these questions over in your mind.

The second step is to empower yourself to start working toward your dream by getting it out of your head and into the realm of possibility.  Self empowerment is a key factor in making your dreams come true. Begin by writing your dream down to make it more concrete and easier to envision.  Be as detailed as you can so that your dream description comes to life and practically jumps off the page.  If your dream were reality, what would your life look like?  What sounds, smells, tastes, and sights would be a part of this life? What would you be feeling?

Step three is rewrite your dream into a realistic and measurable long-term goal.  For instance, if your dream is to “be rich,” you have to operationalize this dream by defining what “rich” means to you.  You might set a goal like this:  I will have $100,000 in savings by the end of 2018.  You have to believe in yourself and turn your dream into a goal in order for you to be able to make it a reality.

Setting a goal to have $100,000 in savings might seem too overwhelming to even contemplate.  In fact, it might even make you feel dis-empowered and defeated from the outset.  But don’t let the size of your dream intimidate you. Step four is to break your long-term goal down into doable “chunks” that are manageable and allow you to make progress toward achieving your ultimate goal.  Possible smaller goals might be:  1) Put $200.00 from each paycheck into a money market savings account; 2) Develop and follow a monthly budget that limits miscellaneous and includes automatic saving; 3) Using a wants versus needs assessment before purchasing an big ticket item; and/or 4) Dining out no more than 2 times a month.

5 steps to making your dreams come true

Step five is to take action on the smaller, short-term goals you’ve set, monitor your progress, and adjust goals accordingly.  With each successful attainment of smaller goals, celebrate.  Acknowledging and celebrating progress along the way helps you stay motivated for the long haul.  Once you reached a specific goal, set new ones or move on to the next “phase.” Your goal “chunks may be ones that you can work on simultaneously or they may build on each other.  Just don’t try to do too much at one time or you’ll feel overwhelmed and your motivation will wilt under the weight of juggling too many things all at once.

If you find yourself struggling along the way, ask yourself:  What have I done today to make my dreams come true?

Recommit to your goals and your dreams daily and don’t let yourself get in the way of reaching them!  Here are two resources that may prove useful in helping you overcome dream-killing obstacles:

Journey To Self Empowerment: Increase Self Esteem & Self Confidence

Self Help Book: Journey to Self Empowerment: Increase Self Esteem & Self Confidence














The Fitness Goal Triad: How to Successfully Reach Your Fitness Goals

This is a great resource for goal setting and can help you to develop goals that will make your dreams come true.  It’s for targeting Life Fitness, not just Physical Fitness.

Self Help Book: The Fitness Goal Triad: How To Successfully Reach Your Fitness Goals by Stephanie Eissinger


Stephanie Eissinger is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Embody Love Movement Facilitator, and Self Help Book Author who’s dedicated her life to empowering individuals to overcome life’s obstacles to live happier, healthier lives.  Her self help books also include: The Stress Management 2.0 Series; How To Get An “Emotional Divorce” & Speed Up Your Relationship Recovery; Divorce Recovery: How To Clean Out Your “Inner Closet.”


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