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Wellness & Divorce/Relationship Recovery Life Coaching, in general, is a challenging and collaborative process that is designed to aid you in transforming your life from one of conflict, … [Read More...]

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In all of my coaching services options, we'll have powerful conversations that help you identify next steps, set goals, identify values and beliefs, help you find motivation and drill down to what's … [Read More...]

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Sagebrush Coaching Self Help Book Shelf authored by Stephanie Eissinger

INVEST IN YOURSELF Sagebrush Coaching is proud to add a Self Help Book Shelf to its resources.  Investing in yourself is the BEST INVESTMENT you'll ever make, and taking advantage of self help … [Read More...]


10 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Build Better Relationships

10 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Build Better Relationships

Like anything else in life, having great relationships takes time, effort, and interpersonal skills.  My husband and I watch the Scorpion and Big … [Read More...]

reasons people stay in bad relationships

12 Reasons People Stay in Bad Relationships: What’s Keeping You in Yours?

If someone asked you "What's keeping you in your relationship?," how would you respond?  You're one of the lucky ones if you can honestly say "mutual … [Read More...]

Rules for successfully achieving big goals

10 Rules to Follow to Successfully Achieve BIG Goals

Having BIG goals can be exciting and intimidating at the same time.  Whether you reach those goals successfully or buckle under the pressure and fail … [Read More...]

Funding Your Relationship "Piggy Bank"

Funding Your Relationship “Piggy Bank”

I'm probably dating myself by even using the term "piggy bank," but it's a great analogy to use in relation to enhancing cooperation, mutual trust … [Read More...]

strengthening mental muscles

10 Signs You May Need to Strengthen Your Mental “Muscles”

Mental toughness is quality that can help individuals deal with difficult challenges and high pressure situations. Mental toughness can be defined as … [Read More...]

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